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Nvidia Users Grapple with Rising RTX 2080TI Failure Reports

Nvidia’s Latest Flagship GPU, the RTX 2080TI is a behemoth in its own right, claiming a well-deserved crown that the silicon giant has kept for some time as the most powerful consumer-grade GPU in the market. The GPU is not only the fastest in the market, it is one of the most expensive ones to date, carrying a price tag of 1200 for the Founders Edition.

The GPU is enabled by Nvidia’s use of the Turing Architecture which enables it to offer significant performance boosts for its current line-up when compared to their relevant predecessors from the 1000 series based on the Pascal architecture. The key selling point for Nvidia’s latest and greatest has been its ability to leverage its dedicated ray-tracing processing power into creating arguably the best looking imagery possible by abandoning traditional Rasterization technology for more photo-realistic Ray tracing supported by using Microsoft’s Direct X Ray Tracing, OptiX and the Vulkan libraries. Nvidia claims that it leverages the new dedicated processing cores to gain an 8-fold advantage over the Pascal architecture, making it possible to use this technology in real-time rendering applications, such as video games.


Nvidia's RTX 2080TI GPU
Nvidia’s RTX 2080TI GPU


While the RTX Series and particularly, the RTX 2080TI are undoubtedly significant achievements for the market leader in GPU technology, there has been significant hue and cry by retail consumers lately regarding a high failure rate of the flagship RTX 2080 TI dying on consumers within days of being used. Many users have stated that the GPUs were used for low-intensity tasks before they started acting up despite not being tampered with, overclocked or being subjected to any voltage manipulation. A large segment of the users in the NA (North America) market were particularly irked about Nvidia’s RMA and return policy which states that the consumer has to bear both the risk and the cost of shipping back a faulty GPU to the company. The issue currently plagues Nvidia’s Founders edition variants of the GPU in particular with multiple reports of the replacements being offered by Nvidia also being subject to the same issues. Users can suffer from issues ranging from the dreaded Blue Screen of Dead (BSOD) as well as random crashes, artifacts in some cases as well as completely dead GPUs out of the box for some consumers.

Reddit user “shoneysbreakfast” stated:

“As someone waiting on a refund on a 2080ti FE that I had to pay $55 to send back, I’m glad this is being covered.

There is something wrong with these cards, the FE for sure. It’s not unusual for early revisions of any tech product to have issues but the number of people reporting defects on the FE’s is way above normal.”

Nvidia has yet to comment officially acknowledging the issues faced by users as well as any solutions or workarounds apart from sending in GPUs for either a return or an RMA at the moment. If we get any further information on this story, we will provide an update here.

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