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Studio Boss Key, creators of Radical Heights, to close down

Cliff Bleszinski, founder of Boss Key Studios, announced the end of his video game designing company due to lackluster sales. The studio was responsible for developing Lawbreakers and Radical Heights. Bleszinski also previously spearheaded legendary titles such as the first three Gears of Wars games.


Bleszinski states that Lawbreakers was a great game, but just unluckily did not gain any traction in terms of sales. In that regard, one can recall a similar situation occurring to both Titanfall games, which were critically very well received, but just did not perform well; however, Lawbreakers did not do as well as Titanfall did when it came to the critics’ opinions.

As for Radical Heights, Bleszinski says that it was very well received, but it came too late to save the company. As a take on the trendy battle royale genre, Radical Heights was a last ditch effort to grab a strong hold of the market. It may have done so in time, just like how Fortnite was faring poorly at the start, but Bleszinski believes that time has run out.

He goes on to say that he wishes to take some time off, reminiscent of his departure from Epic Games back in 2012, and focus on himself and his family. Back when he left Epic Games and withdrew from the Gears of Wars series, he thought he had retired from developing games for good. In his statement back then, he said that he felt that gamers and the extremely talented people he worked with grew very jaded and dispassionate when it came to games.

This time around the boss of Boss Key does not exactly feel as he did back then. He says that videogames will forever be a part of him and that he wishes to one day create something new again.

Though Boss Key is no more, Radical Heights will stay running for players to enjoy and will continue to do so in the near future.

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