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Reveal event for Black Ops 4 largest in Call of Duty history

The next iteration of Black Ops 4 is a highly anticipated game amongst the Call of Duty fans, and the reveal event proves it. Prior to the event, a plethora of rumors were circulating regarding the new game, but nothing was ever officially confirmed; however, we all knew that we would get to learn more during the reveal event.

So it comes to no surprise that the Black Ops 4 reveal event was the most successful of its kind for the Call of Duty franchise. Many viewers wished to know whether or not the rumors had any truth to them.

The event was held on May 17 by Activision and had set records for the company. Charlie Intel, one of the main sources for most of the rumors, was told by the company that “The reveal livestream broke franchise records, including the most day one views as well as the highest concurrent viewers, while also blanketing social media as the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter globally during the broadcast.”

The reveal itself provided a much better insight into Black Ops 4 by showcasing the game’s multiplayer, Zombies and its new Battle Royale Mode, Blackout. Though Blackout was previously leaked before the event, there was plenty of new information for fans to absorb.

The multiplayer for the game would be more towards the Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege style of play where there will be specialists for players to choose that have their own strengths and weaknesses with the gameplay itself being totally on the ground without the inclusion of any advanced movement.

Leaks from within the development team had already confirmed such a move but now we know exactly how they intended to spice up the multiplayer.
Considering the streak of rumors coming true, it seems almost certain that there will be no single player for Black Ops 4.

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