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Pyke from League of Legends looks even scarier than before

I believe we can objectively state that Pyke looked badass in the teasers Riot has shown; however, Riot Games tend to poorly translate their creative ideas into League of Legends. It is certainly not their fault since they have to work around the game engine, which is probably very outdated by now.

The most striking feature shown of Pyke within the video teasers was undoubtedly his freaky bandanna which resembles the mouth of a monster from the deepest depths of the oceans. Initially, within League of Legends, Pyke’s bandanna looked nothing like it.

Hordes of League of Legends fans took to the internet to complain about how Pyke lacks his most defining feature. Fortunately, Riot has rectified this issue and added the bandanna players have been clamoring for since his addition to the game.

The new Pyke should be on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and is bound to hit the public live servers by Patch 8.11. Other inclusions brought into the game by Patch 8.11 include new runes and items. Old items have also been revamped to fit in line with the direction Riot Games intends for; one such prominent example is the new Infinity Edge.

The primary goal for Patch 8.11 is to change the way the bot lane plays. Not only is Pyke a completely different support champion, but most changes are directly affecting the ADC role. Plenty of players have been worried about the drastic nature of the changes, but since when have people been comfortable with change?

Only time will tell if Riot’s goal to add some variety to the bot lane will be realized, but the current state undeniably cannot be continued. Players are frustrated with the constant flood of crit building marksmen, but hopefully that will change with the new updates to the game.

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