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Overwatch raised $10 million thanks to a Pink Mercy

A new Overwatch skin in the form of a pink Mercy managed to raise $10 million in donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All proceeds generated from the skin are to benefit the charity organization.

The official Overwatch twitter account tweeted the immense amount of funds raised and thanked everyone for purchasing the cute skin, saying “Thanks to the generosity of everyone who’s purchased the Pink Mercy skin so far, we’re closing in on raising $10M USD to support the BCRF.”

A great number of Overwatch streamers also helped bring awareness to the charity event and helped Blizzard achieve the monumental figures. Not only that, but donations to these twitch streamers are also supposed to assist the BCRF in their cause. The $10 million figure does not incorporate these donations or anything aside from skin sales on all platforms, so the total must be much higher.

Simply watching these streamers also allows users who have connected their twitch accounts with their battle.net accounts to earn Pink Mercy-themed Overwatch sprays. They are automatically unlocked as the required number of hours have been reached.

The skin itself is only available until May 21 and costs $15. The event is still not over yet and players with Pink Mercy already can continue contributing to the cause by gifting the skin to other players.

Fans appreciate the move by Blizzard and have grown to appreciate Pink Mercy as not only a cute skin, but also as a driver towards a more positive community that seeks to draw from the basic human quality of generosity. People have already begun drawing copious amounts of fan art for Pink Mercy.

Over 666,000 skins have already been sold and more are to sell as streamers continue to grind away for the good cause until the event comes to an end on May 21.

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