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New League of Legends event called Curse of the Drowned teased

With Pyke, the new League of Legends champion, entering the fray, it is the perfect time for Riot’s next Bilgewater event. Due this summer, Curse of the Drowned, will obviously revolve around the story of Pyke who was left to drown by presumably his previous shipmates.

Considering the world of League of Legends is built upon characters who are clearly the centerpiece, it is quite limited to whichever champion players know of. For this reason, it can be convincingly said that the Curse of the Drowned will involve all Bilgewater related champions like Miss Fortune, Graves, Twisted Fate, Illaoi and the others.

The previous Bilgewater event, Burning Tides, was a major milestone in League of Legends history. It was during this event that Gangplank was actually killed by Miss Fortune and temporarily disabled from the game, reflecting the game’s lore with both gameplay elements and in-game implications.

The event featured a dark story filled with piracy and revenge, and it seems we should expect the same, if not pushed even further, with Curse of the Drowned. Officially, not much detail regarding the event has been released by Riot, but considering their developer blog talked much about how the ARAM game mode requires changing, we can ascertain that the event will primarily target ARAM alongside adding story elements to League of Legends.

Players should expect event-only tweaks to runes and items, and maybe even champions. Rumors suggest that the voice actor for Miss Fortune was called in to perform additional voice lines, presumably related to Pyke.

Burning Tides was released in the final half of July 2015; we can’t be certain that the same thing will happen to Curse of the Drowned this summer, but it is an educated guess nonetheless.

What are your expectations from the upcoming event? There are likely to be a host of new crafting items to gain.

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