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Fortnite now has Jetpacks in play

The update to Fortnite from patch 4.2 saw several additions to the game including jetpacks. This highly anticipated limited time item has finally arrived after three months of delays upon delays.

As a legendary item, the jetpack would typically be only found in supply drops; however, Epic Games have decided that this particular legendary item would also be found in treasure chests.

The jetpack will take up a new inventory slot known as the backpack slot. In other games they would usually increase inventory space, but for Fortnite it’s never that simple. It will be interesting to see what sort of new madness will befall that particular slot; I am personally hoping we get to see Boba Fett’s missile launching jetpack one day.

The backpack typically acts as a consumable with a number of charges and if it is fully consumed, it will be somehow utterly destroyed. If another backpack is equipped, it will replace the currently equipped backpack with the new one.

The jetpack itself is unique that it is cooldown based and recharges when it isn’t being used. You can’t aim while using it so it isn’t as effective in killing people, but it is very useful in traversing over towers and other large heights.

Alongside the jetpack, patch 4.2 also included the second iteration of the LTM (Limited Time Mode) Solid Gold as well as Close Quarters, which is an LTM without any guns except shotguns.

The jetpack was originally announced in February but was then later announced that the Fortnite team had faced several issues implementing the item; as a result, the item was delayed for a considerable amount of time with them being finally available for use this update for the first time.

There is no information as to how long the jetpacks will be in the game, but as a limited time item, it will eventually be gone. Plenty of limited time items and modes make their return, but not upon the whims of Epic Games, so enjoy the jetpacks while they last.

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