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Fortnite fan creates Mortal Kombat-inspired skins

Fortnite survives on a free to play business model, generating a bulk of its revenue based on cosmetic sales within the game; hence, Epic Games have continuously released all kinds of skins for players to purchase.

A fan of the game has taken upon himself to provide concept arts for skins, based on the Mortal Kombat (MK) universe, that he would like to see in Fortnite. As an artist, Eric Tran has created artwork for the game Injustice 2 which features the same developers of the Mortal Kombat franchise, NetherRealm Studios. Though Injustice 2 features heroes and villains from the DC universe, it does have Sub Zero as a playable character much like how the prequel had Scorpion.

So it comes to no surprise that Tran wants to have a Mortal Kombat influence in a game he himself avidly plays as well, Fortnite. The concept art features both Scorpion and Sub Zero as a skin for players to wear; furthermore, Scorpion wields a pickaxe with the MK logo for its blade while Sub Zero has a frozen pickaxe, presumably conjured by his awe-inspiring powers over the element of ice.

Epic Games have previously obtained licenses required to make skins based off of other franchises; for example, the popular John Wick skin was taken from the movies featuring Keanu Reeves as John Wick. That doesn’t mean that we would see MK skins in Fortnite any time soon, but it also means that it isn’t impossible; however, considering how popular Fortnite is growing even amongst people who don’t typically play video games, it is more likely Epic Games would spend money to get licenses for franchises that are popular among all audiences, including those outside gaming communities.

The strategy for Fortnite by Epic Games may be to purposefully avoid obtaining other video game aesthetics so as to not advertise competition within the industry. After all, we have seen other references to superhero and dinosaur films with the new recent changes to the Fortnite map.

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