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First batch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Perks teased

Black Ops 4 has been the subject of many interesting rumors in the previous weeks, but with its imminent official reveal, we are due to be treated to several teasers by Treyarch, the developers behind the game, themselves. Among the first to grace the community are some of the Black Ops 4 perks, which has had what we believe to be its customization user interface revealed over the official Treyarch twitter account.

Players of other Treyarch games assume that the perk icons are Dexterity, Sleight of Hand, Scavenger and Lightweight respectively.

Dexterity has previously been known to simply allow players to climb obstacles and ladders faster. Sleight of Hand, a mainstay of the Call of Duty franchise, allows the player to reload their weapons faster. Scavenger makes a return in Black Ops 4 and will enable players to pick up ammunition from dead players. Last but not least, the perk Lightweight will increase the sprint speed for its users.

The top right of the image shows two tarot cards which suggests that a mechanic of previous Treyarch games is making a return in Black Ops 4. The “Pick 10” system was also previously teased by Treyarch, and by now it seems that it will be the system of choice when it comes to customizing a loadout within the game.

An interesting point to note is that the images on the Black Ops 4 perks are related to boots on the ground sort of activities like climbing a ladder and the appearance of actual boots in motion, giving credence to previous rumors that Black Ops 4 will revert its focus to boots on the ground type gameplay.

This may be confirmation bias in action, but for previous titles Treyarch has consistently revealed singleplayer teasers before multiplayer. This time around we get a tease straight from the multiplayer aspect of the game, which also gives credence to yet another rumor which claims that there will be no singleplayer whatsoever in Black Ops 4.

Only time will tell whether or not our expectations are subverted, and that time will arrive on May 17 when Black Ops 4 will officially be revealed to the public.

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