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Yet another player suspended from the Overwatch League, this one for sexual misconduct

Jonathan “Dreamkazper” Sanchez has been accused of sexual misconduct and hence, suspended from the Overwatch League until an ongoing investigation is concluded.

Dreamkazper, typically known as DK, plays for the team Boston Uprising and became the subject of this egregious controversy after screenshots involving him conversing with a 14 year old girl in a sexual manner were posted on twitter.

The fan herself issued a statement regarding the situation, which also includes an extensive gallery (SFW) of DK engaging in the activities he is accused of. She states that she had sent DK several nudes over Snapchat, and due to the nature of the app they would disappear quickly, leaving behind no evidence of the fact for her to share. Nonetheless, the conversations DK has had with the girl seem to somewhat suggest that such exchanges have occurred.


“Earlier today the Overwatch League was made aware of the allegations against Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez,” reads an update from Blizzard. “He is suspended indefinitely while the league investigates this matter.”

DK’s own team has also issued a statement, “We take all allegations of this nature very seriously and as a result DreamKazper has been suspended from the Boston Uprising indefinitely.” In terms of the team’s roster, losing DK is definitely a significant hit since he is known to be one of the best Western players for the DPS role.

DK is definitely not the first Overwatch League player to face disciplinary actions against him, two players from Dallas Fuel have also experienced the same. Felix “xQc” Lengyel was fined and suspended for inappropriate remarks and Son “Oge” Minseok was suspended for account boosting. Lengyel ended up parting from his team after several negative incidents as his toxic demeanor caused more harm than good.

These incidents, however, pale in comparison to the severity of emotionally manipulating an impressionable and vulnerable individual, who fortunately found the strength to come forward in public to expose such inexcusable actions with the aid of her friends.

It is important to note, no matter how powerful the evidence may seem at the moment, that his guilt is only established once investigations have confirmed the allegations.

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