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Warmind is the second expansion for Destiny 2, releases on May 8

The development road-map for Destiny 2 has finally been updated to name and date the upcoming second expansion pack for awaiting fans.

Posting on the official website earlier today, Bungie confirmed Warmind to be releasing on May 8. There were no additional details shared with the public, except for a tease that the new content will send players “to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies” next month.

Bungie plans to completely unveil Warmind during a live stream on Twitch later this month. That being said, a few mentions could be made for the upcoming expansion pack in the days between.

Coming to the updated development road-map, update 1.2.0 will release alongside Warmind to bring seasonal Crucible rankings, private matches, an increase to vault space, the ability to equip multiple emotes, Exotic masterworks, and more to Destiny 2. The same update will also initiate season three for the competitive crowd.

In addition, Bungie will be releasing a new seasonal event this summer. There are also improvements to Faction Rallies, the return of bounties, PC clan chat, and possibly Exotic armor sandbox changes lining up for fall. The beginning of season four in September will mark even more additions to gear collecting, records, weapon slots, weapon randomizations, and such.

“The usual conversation about our creative process will continue,” Bungie said. “Expect to learn more about the new features on the roadmap as we delve deeper into developer commentary. If these plans change–and plans have a way of doing that–we’ll keep refreshing this roadmap on a monthly basis. Thanks for coming along with us on this journey, thanks for your feedback, and thanks for playing.”

Finally, take note that the new maps inbound with Warmind will be available to everyone who plays Crucible. This is regardless of whether they own the expansion pack or not.

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