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Symmetra from Overwatch to receive significant rework

Symmetra has been one of the lowest picked heroes in Overwatch for a while now, so it comes to no surprise that she is being redesigned. Though this news isn’t particularly new, Jeff Kaplan finally released an update suggesting how close and how serious the changes are.

According to the Game Director for Overwatch, this rework should arrive sometime this summer. Symmetra was reworked before, but this time it seems to be a change akin to when Mercy’s kit was modified, “I can’t share details yet, unfortunately,” he says. But like I said, we’re trying some pretty dramatic changes. Her rework is going to significant and most likely will be ready sometime during the summer.”

Kaplan wasn’t kidding when he said that, 31 players teleported with a 6% uptime is a rather absurd number. The obvious conclusion would be that Symmetra’s ultimate power has either changed to become an ability in her kit or is just available a lot faster, but I feel there’s a deeper story to it or Kaplan wouldn’t have to hide any details.

Currently Symmetra is barely picked at all in high level play, so it will be interesting to see how the Overwatch team can bring her face back in the action. Before we get to see that, however, we will most likely see Hanzo getting his rework first.

Regardless, Blizzard should be careful not to make a repeat of when they over tuned Mercy to godly levels of pick rates; however, for an extremely teamwork oriented game like Overwatch, it is difficult not to either make a kit a must have or a must not have, and a lot of people believe Symmetra’s kit to fall in such a category. There is only one way to find out and that is to wait until we finally get to see the new and changed heroes in action.

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