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Season 9 for Overwatch ends this week

On April 27, the Competitive Play mode for Overwatch will come to its conclusion. The competitive mode will be unavailable to players for a few days until season 10 begins; however, the exact date for when it begins has not been disclosed to the public.

The Competitive Elimination season will remain open until May 7, 7 pm CT. It features a 6vs6 elimination game mode with a ranking system.

Season 9 for the original competitive play has been up since March 1 and has provided an avenue for many players to fulfil their competitive cravings while rewarding them with cosmetics such as sprays and icons. The top 500 players of their respective regions can further satiate their desire for vanity with an extra icon and spray.

Other competitive rewards include a point system, which rewards players an amount depending on their maximum skill rating achieved. The following points are rewarded depending on rank:

  • Bronze: 65 points
  • Silver: 125 points
  • Gold: 250 points
  • Platinum: 500 points
  • Diamond: 750 points
  • Master: 1,200 points
  • Grandmaster: 1,750 points

A new rule for competitive play regarding maps and heroes was also instated recently. It was for this reason that the newest Overwatch hero, Brigitte, was unavailable in the Competitive Play mode; however, in season 10 she will available to the public.

Her absence from hero selection was troublesome for many players, resulting in an outcry from players who wanted to try a new hero; as a result, the team behind Overwatch questioned their decision to prevent a new hero from taking part in the current competitive season regardless of when they were released.

Jeff Kaplan, the Game Director for Overwatch, has stated that they will re-evaluate their decision for the game’s next hero. It is likely that the next hero will also be released during the middle of season ten, just as was the case with Brigitte.

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