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Riot Games explains why Kai’Sa was “unnecessarily sexualized” in League of Legends

The passing years have often seen the community raise a few concerns about overly sexualized female champions in League of Legends. When the new Evelynn — reworked and scantily clad — was released last year, Riot Games explained that the creative team would only delve into sexual themes if there was a demand from the lore. Hence, the reason that there are frowning faces peeking over the horizon once again because the recent release of Kai’Sa, the latest champion to be summoned on the rift, goes against that very commitment.

Posting on the official website last week, lead champion producer “Reav3” admitted that the new champion was “unnecessarily sexualized” in the game. However, the community needs to understand that the “deep neckline” was never part of the original design and had to be included in accordance with her lore.

Kai’Sa is supposed to look like a “human wearing a Void-suit” but the initial in-game character model made her look like a “Void creature” instead. Riot Games had to amend this, particularly because League of Legends has already received a few Void-based champions. Kai’Sa was not going to join the same flock.

What the developer found as a solution in the end was to have the champion simply show more skin. This paved way to a redesigned neckline and the results were instantaneous, with play-testers interpreting the champion as human rather than a corrupted being.

“In retrospect, we recognize we should’ve prioritized searching for other ways to solve this problem, especially because the end result didn’t land well for many players,” noted Reav3. “Even though we had good intentions, we could’ve done better, and in the future, we will be even more conscious of these decisions.”

On a personal note, overly sexualized female champions should not be a bother unless League of Legends starts shedding the clothes off every single champion to be released in the foreseeable future.

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