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Raven Software potentially creating Battle Royale mode for Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4, a highly anticipated sequel for the ever so popular Call of Duty franchise, is plagued by a horde of rumors regarding its contents. Most notably, Charlie Intel say that the makers, Raven Software, are working on a Battle Royale mode for the game.

The other Call of Duty games made by Raven Software include Call of Duty: Ghosts, a collaboration with Infinity Ward, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. The game itself is being made by Treyarch, the makers of all the other Black Ops for Call of Duty.

This mode may explain the rumor on the decision to not include a single player campaign for Black Ops 4. The Battle Royale mod may be a more profitable replacement to the costly to make mode.

It is no surprise that Battle Royale is being strongly considered by AAA studios, they’re not very complicated to make and they seem to be extremely trendy. Even non-gamers are being exposed to such games as celebrities like Drake play Fortnite under the public eye on streaming platforms.

The genre started from an Arma mod and has gained tons of popularity as PUBG and Fortnite are on everyone’s minds, attracting and retaining millions of players.

Many fans are curious to see how the mode will play out in a mainstream title that many of them enjoy. Would it be a simple conversion of the genre to a First-Person perspective or will it be an entire makeover?

Most Battle Royale games rely on the fact that some guns are objectively superior to others, but a competitive multiplayer shooter like Call of Duty would have its guns balanced with their use dependent on the situation.

Call of Duty also typically have a lower TTK (time to kill), meaning that players die faster to bullets than most other games; therefore, it will be interesting to see how Black Ops 4 make their Battle Royale mode and if it will be the success that Activision envisions.

The answer to some of our questions will hopefully be answered on May 17 during the community reveal event for Black Ops 4. The game is scheduled for release to the public on Oct 12.

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