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PUBG may outlaw third-party devices (mouse, keyboard) on Xbox One

An incident over Twitter suggests that third-party device usage on Xbox One in PUBG, particularly mouse and keyboard support, may be curtailed. Players of the game have expressed concern over the fact that some people use the peripherals for more precision and control over controllers to dominate the playing field in the Xbox One version of the game.

The incident entails PUBG community coordinator trying to quell the frustrations of an Xbox One player by informing him of a plan to curb the use of third-party devices on the console despite them being sparingly used.

The fact that the ability to use keyboard and mouse exists would undoubtedly sour moods for anyone who suffers defeat in the hands of another player. It’s the same reason many PC players call “hacks!” in similar situations; potential unfair advantages in the hands of an opponent, whether or not they were actually in play, are the first to pop in mind when we lose. Sadly, I know this to be true because I am most definitely guilty of it too.

Defenders of third-party peripherals would say that they are more comfortable using mouse and keyboard and would obviously wish to play the game without having to combat the control scheme so as to maximize their enjoyment. This would be a powerful point if PUBG was not already available on PC, why not just play over there? The fact that people play competitive FPS on consoles confuses me in the first place but that’s just me.

At the end of the day, console gamers are suffering at the hands of players who mastered tools that objectively outclass their own; therefore, it is understandable for PUBG Corp. to try and remove advantages that spring from outside the game itself.

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