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PUBG balance patch with Level 3 Helmet nerf coming soon

The PUBG team has stated that they intend to make no weapon objectively better than another, and a weapon balance patch coming soon will attempt to fulfill that vision. The intended changes were announced in a development blog update.

The team at PUBG have researched just how frequent each of the guns in the game were used, and for what situation. They found that only a few specific type of weapons were used in most scenarios.

Their idea is to allow every player to use whichever weapon they prefer the most, as long as it is befitting the situation, so no matter how much you like sniper rifles, it would be foolhardy to use one in a close quarters situation.

Planned alongside the weapon balance changes are modifications to the weapon attachments in PUBG. The goal envisioned is to grant the player a wider pool of selection when it comes weapon mods. The team hopes to ensure there is no glove to fit them all by making each attachment the best for particular situations or playstyle.

Last but certainly not least, is the nerf to the level 3 helmet. This is a rather huge change considering the impact a level 3 helmet has on a game. The team plans to remove the extremely powerful helmet from the normal loot tables and incorporate them only in care packages.

A level 3 helmet basically gives a person a lot more durability since it can save someone who would otherwise die to a headshot. This way, someone who gets lucky in the looting phase of the game won’t have an extremely powerful advantage over others.

The planned changes are coming soon to the Test Server first, and when determined to be stable, shall be implemented across the public servers for all to make use of.

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