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Peculiar Malware forces players to play PUBG

MalwareHunterTeam, whose name is probably introduction enough, discovered a malware (via Kotaku) that engages in malicious behavior much in line with ransomware; however, instead of demanding money like most ransomware, the maker only wants you to play a video game, namely PUBG.

Once your computer is infected with this strange malware, it begins to encrypt your files, images, music and documents so that you may not access them, essentially taking them hostage with the ransom being rather harmless. Still, I am sure most would agree that the act of taking hostages is malicious nevertheless.

The encrypting process for all your files will culminate in them having their extensions changed to .PUBG. Once the process is complete, a message pops up for the user to read, “Your files is encrypted by PUBG Ransomware!” it says. “But don’t worry! It is not hard to unlock it. I don’t want money. Just play PUBG 1hours!”

The creator wasn’t lying when he said the unlocking process was not hard, much easier than playing PUBG for an hour in fact! In reality, you only need to execute a process called TslGame.exe, which can simply be done by running PUBG. Leaving the process up for three seconds will signal the ransomware to decrypt all the files it had previously encrypted, restoring them to their original states. If you are too lazy to even do that, then you can simply use a “Restore Code” provided by the ransomware itself alongside the message it first showed.

The nature of the malware would suggest that it was simply created as a joke; either that or the creator was sick of players leaving PUBG for Fortnite. The former is still more likely since the malware isn’t even particularly interested in ensuring you play PUBG for an entire one hour; it just wants you to load up the game and have a good time, what a nice program! Though I would still suggest you be very watchful of what you download out there, safe surfing!

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