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New Overwatch map, Rialto, to grace PTR servers soon alongside Hanzo rework

Rialto is the newest map for Overwatch that is already currently available to play for the Retribution event; however, the player versus player version of the map will be due in two weeks, at most, on the public test server (PTR) according to Jeff Kaplan, the game director of Overwatch.

The game mode that features Rialto, Retribution, is a part of the Overwatch Archives overarching event which will continue to feature incidents involving Overwatch in the past.

Rialto is in Venice and the current playable mode of it will pit players against Talon, the naughty bad guys, at their headquarters. Players get to choose Moira, Genji, McCree or Reaper and work together to defeat hordes of Talon enemies and capture the Talon boss responsible for an assassination attempt on an important Overwatch agent.

Unlike the co-op variant, the player versus player mode for Rialto will be in daytime and the gameplay type will be payload.
Jeff Kaplan also mentioned a Hanzo rework alongside Rialto in the Overwatch forums, stating that the team is still on course for an April release, though no exact date could be determined.

The rework will primarily remove Hanzo’s Scatter Shot for a new ability known as Rapid shot, which, as its name suggests, will increase the rate of fire for Hanzo’s bow and arrow; however, the exact details regarding the new ability is kept secret.

Hanzo has been the butt of many a joke for a long time now, so this rework is highly anticipated. Until then, players will have to keep themselves entertained by partaking in the numerous modes and new cosmetics brought on by the Overwatch Archives event until the end of April, the day of its cessation.

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