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New map, Savage, returns to the PUBG test server

The PUBG team bring back the new map in an even newer state after listening to community feedback to usher in even more feedback. The changes have been publicly announced and include the fact that there are three new areas in Savage for players to play in.

The closed experimental server is already open and is intended to close on April 18 6pm PDT/ April 19 3am CEST/ April 19 10am KST.

To obtain access to the server you need a key from PUBG’s website here, if there are still any left.

The three new areas are the Banyan Grove, an abandoned quarry and a dock. The latter can be found southeast of the island and the rest are in the middle of the island.

Other changes include balance tweaks, such as those to the blue and red circle. The red circle has its size and duration increased while the blue circle includes a new mechanic which incorporates how many players are left alive and changes its delay time accordingly; the fewer players alive the faster the circle will shrink.

The spawn rate for several items have also been adjusted; boats spawn less often, but more predictably (along towns and docks), and grenades appear more often.

Another noteworthy change is the fact that care packages will now have the 8x scope as the strongest scope within it.

Also, the weather in Codename: Savage will be more dynamic now as it will be changing real-time instead of just once per match like it used to.

The new map is not available to the public until at least a few more months, but players should continue to expect short testing windows in the PUBG test server for new additions to the game, particularly new maps.

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