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McCree in the spotlight for the new Overwatch Retribution teaser

Blizzard has released more info for its upcoming Overwatch Retribution brawl mode, due to release tomorrow on April 10 for the Overwatch Archives event. The teaser features Jesse McCree of Blackwatch, the Black Ops of the Overwatch organization, sharing a tidbit on the occurrences and significance of Retribution.

The event’s previous teaser showed Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper with his side of the story and now McCree’s “decrypted” voice files adds a little more detail, “Everything was going according to plan,” he says. “We were going to get in, grab the target, and get out. Then all hell breaks loose. It was like the whole damn city was trying to kill us.”

Overwatch Retribution will feature four Blackwatch agents: Moira, Genji, Reaper and McCree. The event will take place back in time, a staple of anything coming out of an Overwatch Archives event, in a new map called Rialto.

Their task is said to be to extract a member of Talon, an organization hell bent on killing an Overwatch agent by the name of Gérard Lacroix, Amélie’s husband who will later be known as Widowmaker for being brainwashed by Talon to kill Gérard in his sleep one night. However, Overwatch Retribution is said to involve one of the many failed assassination attempts by Talon on Gérard Lacroix. More info on Retribution can be found on Blizzard’s own comic regarding it.

Fans expect to finally solve one of the most major missing pieces to Overwatch’s lore by learning more on Gabriel Reyes and how he became Reaper, a full on bad guy, since Blizzard stated that Overwatch Retribution will have some answers regarding that matter last week. Overwatch Archives will also feature last year’s Uprising mission and a host of new skins, sprays and emotes.

Though Overwatch’s story has never been worked upon in terms of it moving forward, its backstory is continuously being fleshed out as new trailers and events are being developed by Blizzard for the game’s hungry fans.

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