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Map selection is now coming to PUBG

PUBG is adding a map selection option in the game to allow players the ability to choose whichever map they wish to play. This is particularly useful as more and more maps are added into the game; the new Savage map is in the test server available for play already.

Prior to the option, players were randomly thrown into the original map, Erangel, or the large desert, Miramar. The option will allow players to be given the ability to choose where they spend a potentially large amount of time. When Savage hits the public servers, it will also be added into the pool for map selection.

Many popular games out there like Rainbow Six: Siege don’t allow players to choose the map, forcing them into whichever map that’s branded upon their fate; however, they are still able to remove certain maps from their matchmaking preferences, except for the game’s Ranked mode.

This won’t work for a game like PUBG, in which games can take up to half an hour since players would quit instantly if they get into a map they don’t like. You can’t even blame them considering it’s a lot of time investment for one game.

The one major problem with adding map selection is causing matchmaking issues by splitting the community; hence, Bluehole did not include the feature in their game for quite a while.

Bluehole’s plan is to include the new option into the test server for PUBG before the live server, but they have not been outspoken regarding when they intend to do so, though they have said that the feature is almost complete.

Despite the disadvantages to a map selection mode, giving the players more freedom and choice is probably worth the cost. Hopefully, Bluehole continues to listen to community feedback and address them skeptically as it moves forward in the growingly competitive environment.

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