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League of Legends major bugs compiled into a list

A list of bugs for League of Legends and its client has been compiled into a list and posted onto Reddit. The same person, a user by the name of Naerlyn, had released a similar list last year and has returned to do the same.

When Naerlyn posted the list last year, it was around the time when the old League of Legends client was replaced with a new and improved version of the client; however, the problems with the new client seem to warrant yet another extensive list from Naerlyn this year.

Players seem to agree as the Reddit posts reached almost 4000 upvotes, landing the post on the front page of the League of Legends Subreddit. Players started commenting their own frustrations and experiences with bugs, giving credence to the post while adding to its list.

It is important to note that many of the comments as well as a significant portion of the post by Naerlyn talked about improvements or features for the client instead of actual bugs; nevertheless, players have took to the Reddit post as a means to express their frustrations, whether or not they are the cause of bugs.

The more common bugs that League of Legends players typically have experienced during their time with the game include clicking accept to no avail when the option to join a game appears, giving an error message after 15 to 20 seconds pass by. This bug seems to have persisted since the inception of League of Legends in the market, so that may suggest that Riot Games feels the problem is not worth fixing.

Rarer and more problematic bugs have also been mentioned in the list; they include situations when the client would reset itself and only partially loading features.

Though Riot has not publicly commented on Naerlyn’s post, they had actively done so on the previous post he released last year; thus, it would likely that the Riot team would either contact the poster directly or begin commenting once they have done a bit more research.

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