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League of Legends is finally getting announcer packs; Phreak and Kobe to be the first

Finally, Riot Games have took it in their hearts to appease their subjects with a change of pace in their gaming routines, and now League of Legends is getting new announcer packs for players to substitute the default with.

Though many players were hoping professional voice actors from inside or outside of the game could be the new announcers, they will have to be appeased by the legendary duo, Phreak and Kobe, though it’s mainly Phreak talking.

A full sample of the voices for the new announcer pack is available thanks to SkinSpotlights, showcasing a ton of, jokes, philosophy and all around weird stuff.

If you are a fan of the insightful, philosophical Kobe or the goofy, enthusiastic Phreak, then you will be easily appeased by their voices. If you are not a fan, then you will become a fan… Maybe.

The announcer pack is definitely more than able to entertain anyone playing League of Legends, spicing up what could otherwise be just yet another long-winded game, especially when it’s just the enemy team getting pentakills.

Hopefully Riot Games continues to expand upon the announcer packs so that fans get another option when they grow tired of Phreak screaming into their ears.

The question remains as to how exactly this pack of voices will be made available to League of Legends players; will it be a free update or will it be a purchasable voice pack? What if it’s just for MSI?

Regardless, players have cause to rejoice, especially those who were begging since Season 3, and hopefully Riot continues to listen to community feedback, but in a more timely manner I hope. The latter is important. These announcer packs have taken more than eight years to arrive. This should be the case when it involves pretty basic updates to refresh the default features.

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