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Hanzo accidentally receives buff in Overwatch

Overwatch players were left dumbfounded once they found Hanzo even more powerful then before, a strange happenstance considering he was scheduled to be reworked and somewhat expectantly weakened as a result.

The buff tweaked “Scatter Shot”, Hanzo’s soon to be removed ability in his rework, from a ten second cooldown to an eight second cooldown.

The buff was confirmed to be a mistake when Geoff Goodman, the game director for Overwatch, said in a forum post that it was completely unintended; furthermore, he states that the change came from his big changes due next update.

Since the buff affected Scatter Shot, it can be extrapolated that the cooldown for its replacing ability, “Rapid Shot”, will be eight seconds.

The player’s reaction to an even more power Scatter Shot, an ability previously called unfun by Overwatch’s game director, Jeff Kaplan, has been one of shock and terror. Scatter Shot has the random potential to completely destroy any Overwatch hero in one hit if aimed at their feet.

Goodman has stated that the change could be reverted or left as it is, mainly because Overwatch is expected to receive its new update containing the Hanzo rework very soon. “We’re planning on releasing the next update fairly quickly anyway,” said Goodman in his forum post.

Hanzo’s Scatter Shot has been scrutinized by players and developers alike and is expected to be the only thing about Hanzo that will definitely be changed when it comes to his rework, everything else has been hidden from the public.

Until the anticipated rework comes along, don’t be surprised to see an even greater surge of Hanzo picks to take advantage of the unintentional buff. Any die-hard haters of Scatter Shot should stay clear of Overwatch until its next update for which there is no exact release date, though it was scheduled for release sometime this month.

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