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Fortnite searches increase 60 percent on PornHub during long server outage

On April 11, Fortnite suffered a “critical database failure” that caused the servers to be unplayable for around 18 hours. Many players found entertainment elsewhere about their favorite hobby and popular porn website Pornhub suggest they know exactly where.

The issue that brought the game down was severe enough to have Epic Games issue no ETA on a return to form for the servers and had its employees work long hours to try and rectify a situation that would otherwise probably take several days.

Players had no way to express their love for Fortnite that day, leaving them in frustrated states; however, human beings are well known to be adaptable creatures. To many players, the solution was simply to express their loves elsewhere, namely Pornhub.

According to Pornhub, on April 12 5am ET, there was a 60 peak percent increase in searches for Fortnite. Throughout the server outage there was a clear significant increase in searches during the entire server outage.

Also, the total traffic for the website was increased by a great amount, great enough to warrant a statement, “Using ‘affinity’ data provided by Google Analytics, our statisticians were able to view traffic changes from visitors who are interested in video games,” Pornhub said. “We found that traffic from ‘gaming fans’ increased shortly after the server outage began and remained higher than normal over the entire 24-hour period. Gamer traffic was 9.8 percent above average just 3 hours before server access resumed, after which traffic dropped below normal levels.”

Once the outage ended, the players went back to their number one priority, winning games in the same game they just watched porn of. What’s truly intriguing is that Fortnite doesn’t particularly have any characters of import to watch porn of. Is it the certain cosmetic skins that make gamers feel a certain way? Many mysteries still plague mankind today, so what’s one more to the list?

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