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Fortnite fan-theory acknowledged by Epic Games as comet nears planet

A theory has been running amok the internet about the Tilted Towers in Fortnite potentially being destroyed at the hands of the falling comet from the sky. Epic Games have been mostly silent regarding the comet, until recently. Believers of the theory are now totally convinced that their suspicions are bound for confirmation.

Epic Games have added several signs, no pun intended, pointing towards a relationship between the comet and the Tilted Towers in the latest update for Fortnite, version 3.6; nevertheless, no actual confirmation has been issued by the developers.

The top of the Tilted Towers also now holds what we assume to be an abandoned stake out once used by some conspiracy theorists relaxing in what would probably be a relaxing day gone sour.

It is possible that the Fortnite team is simply prodding the fans towards another direction by misleading them with easter eggs, but the more likely scenario is that most people will have their expectations met especially since it seems that the script of the Independence Day movie is unravelling itself in the game.

The TV sets within the game have also begun emergency meteor collision broadcasts suggesting that a strike is imminent. Some optimistic players believe that the entire map, not just Tiled Towers, will be altered by the collision. That may make more logical sense, but that just seems to be too ambitious of a move.

The official twitter account for Fortnite has also displayed the emergency alert in its banner.

What we know for a fact is that the third season will end by next week, giving way to season four. Each season initiates the entry of new cosmetics, weapons and whatever else the Gods of Fortnite may deem appropriate. In this case, the Gods don’t seem very merciful as they plan a catastrophic disaster for the map of Fortnite.

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