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Fan-favorite game mode, 50vs50, is returning in Fortnite alongside some changes

The 50vs50 mode took Fortnite by storm when it was released as a limited time mode (LTM) for players to play, and now it is coming back as version 2.0 due to popular demand; however, partaking players will be given a brand new experience.

The LTM has taken a much needed break in the salon and is coming back fresh with new changes and improvements to look more handsome to its players than ever before. Most notable among those changes is the fact that there will be two battle buses, the means through which players drop from the sky and into the map, instead of just one. The intent is to have players more spread apart and teammates closer together since each team of 50 will have their own battle bus.

Developers of Fortnite have clearly said that their intentions for version 2.0 are experiences more similar to what was portrayed in their original trailer for the LTM. To help fulfill that goal, the mode will see the addition of more supply drops, better loot and the ability to see your teammates in the map.

This 50vs50 mode is quite a change of pace when compared to the bread and butter of Fortnite, Battle Royale. Instead of a more conservative and tactical approach to the game, the returning mode will encourage more strategic plays and grand battles between two massive sides.

What made 50vs50 so popular were the different possibilities in the manner in which a player could play; for example, those with confidence could fulfill the role of commandos for their team, causing havoc behind enemy lines; however, those battle lines are impossible to form when it’s every man (or squad) for themselves.

There is no official fixed date for the LTM’s release, but since the current LTM, High Explosives, is ending today, we can safely assume it is due to launch next week or so, and players can’t wait.

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