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Blizzard reveals the craziest card it has ever made for Hearthstone

Hearthstone is to receive many new cards and mechanics once its new expansion arrives on April 12, among them includes the card that has won Ben Brode’s choice for craziest card ever made, Shudderwock.

Ben Brode, the Game Director for Hearthstone, has expressed his feelings in PAX East, and was not hesitant to say that he was worried about what this card could do to the game’s playing field once it was available to the public upon Witchwood’s, the expansion to Hearthstone, arrival.

Hearthstone as a game has become increasingly random and chaotic as more fun and outrageous cards were introduced to the game. Though a lot of the casual players appreciate the crazy combos they can produce with such cards, many pro players feel that the RNG intrinsic to them are harming competitive play.

A similar situation occurred when Yogg-Saron was introduced to Hearthstone; his signature move being the ability to cast as many random spells on random targets as the number of spells casted by the controlling player. Yogg-Saron became a staple card in many competitive decks, and the randomness caused by The God of Death was not appreciated by many.

Shudderwock works similarly, but instead of focusing on spells, he simply repeats “Battlecries” from other cards in a random order and on random targets unless the battlecry itself has a specific target in mind. Battlecries are a mechanic that allows creatures to unleash abilities (their exact effect described within the cards in question) upon summoning; thus, it seems that players should use him in combination with many cards that use useful Battlecries.

Many players have already begun trying to find a way to OTK (one turn kill) with Shudderwock, and the most prevalent ideas include the use of him alongside Grumble, Saronite Chain Gang, Lifedrinker, Murmuring Elemental and Fire Plume Harbinger.

Hearthstone has a policy when it comes to removing cards from its care, and it’s to not remove them at all until a year or two has passed; even Yogg-Saron was no exception, so if we decide that Shudderwock is too much of a party maniac to handle, expect nothing but slight nerfs or tweaks to his behavior.

At the very least, it will be interesting to see the impact Shudderwock will have on Hearthstone, and on Ben Brode.

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