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Black Ops 4 mixes up formula by taking cues from Overwatch

More news on Black Ops 4 has broken into the light, claiming that the game will have a very different multiplayer experience than usual. Previous rumors stated that the game will include a Battle Royale mode, but more information also suggest that the entire multiplayer formula will be a far cry from the franchise.

A twitter user by the name of Matt Harris was the one who broke the most recent news on Black Ops 4’s state of affairs, and it looks grim. Treyarch has been known to be one of the more innovative studios for Call of Duty, but they’re often hit or miss. Matt Harris suggests that this time it’s going to be a huge miss. CharlieIntel also supports the claims made while also being the ones to initiate the rumor about the inclusion of a Battle Royale mode, giving credence to all the news surrounding the game.

According to the rumors, playtesters say that Black Ops 4 plays similar to Overwatch, a game that you would think is drastically different to a Call of Duty game; however, the game is still in active development so many elements have and may be removed or modified.

Regardless, the overall sentiment from initial play testers is very poor; many complained that the experience was nothing like what the franchise would normally offer. Other leaks compare the experience to that which would be akin to Lawbreakers.

An example of what made many playtesters uncomfortable was the fact that there were no more perks, only a strange system which incorporated them into killstreaks. Other examples include changes to the movement system and hero abilities much like that of Black Ops 3’s specialists.

It is important to note that Activision has not confirmed or acknowledged any of the claims made, and any that may come in the future is likely to be made first at on May 17 at the community reveal event.

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