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ASUS officially sponsors H1Z1 Pro League

ASUS Republic of Gamers have officially sponsored the H1Z1 Pro League; professional players of the game will use ASUS hardware on stage in front of potentially thousands of viewers.

H1Z1 was the first battle royale game to create a professional league of the game, encouraging competitive play by many of its hardcore fans.
The pro league includes several of the largest esport organizations in the USA and now ASUS is spearheading the support behind the game in the esports scene.

ASUS will provide hardware for the event to create over 100 gaming setups. The hardware will include ASUS desktop computers, monitors and keyboards.
The opening season for the H1Z1 Pro League will feature 15 of the biggest esport teams, including Cloud9 (C9), Echo Fox and Team Solomid (TSM).

Other sponsorship deals secured by the H1Z1 Pro League include the provision of gaming chairs through AKRacing and a partnership with Meta Threads, an organization about gaming themed fashion.

The opening season will kick off its matches at the Twin Galaxies Esports Arena and will be exclusively broadcasted on Facebook. The event is the result of a partnership with Caesars Entertainment.

ASUS have a strong history of backing the esports scene by sponsoring several esports teams such as Echo Fox, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), NRG and SKT T1. Many of these teams have achieved great success in their respective games.

H1Z1 have suffered a great loss of players since the rise of the two other giant Battle Royale games, PUBG and Fortnite.

Daybreak Games, the studio behind H1Z1, hope that many of its lost players will return once they develop a viable and impressive competitive scene in esports; however, only time will tell if their strategy will work.

The fruits of their labor will be dependent on their execution; if the game can look fun and attract the attention of several thousand viewers, then the sponsors behind the H1Z1 Pro League can feel at ease with their business decision to partner up with Daybreak Games.

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