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ARMS goes truly competitive in Update 5.3 with the inclusion of in-game leaderboards

Nintendo’s motion controlled fighting game for the Switch, ARMS, has received Update 5.3 with a feature many were clamoring for, leaderboards.

Though the game would receive monthly updates, it still had not been given the ability for players to know how they were performing against other players. For a competitive game mostly about beating up opponents online, you would think that ranked leaderboards would be a mainstay among the feature list for ARMS.

Still, better late than never, and to be honest, you might even completely forgive Nintendo when you see just how useful the “Dashboard” is, i.e. the new user interface (UI) brought in by Update 5.3. This UI is what includes leaderboards, among a whole other host of uses such as fighter specific as well as general tips and techniques for new players and tournament clips for players to relax to after a stressful and intense match.

Thanks to the inclusion of the Dashboard in ARMS, players no longer have to visit Nintendo’s leaderboard found on their Japanese website. Not only was it inconvenient since it was out of the way, but it also only showed the top 200 players of the world, so unless you were among them, the leaderboard was pretty much useless to you.

Other changes brought by Update 5.3 were 15 new images in the gallery, language support for Korean and tweaks to some fighters as well as weapons for the sake of balance.

The development support for ARMS is certainly encouraging for its players, and it seems to be a staple for Nintendo Switch games so far. Though the inclusion of leaderboards may have been late, I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo made up for it by going the extra mile with in-depth tutorial videos for up and coming players and the consistent support for the game.

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