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New aquatic support champion in the works for League of Legends

It is that time of the month when Riot Games begins sharing information about the next champion being summoned for the overwhelming roster of League of Legends.

Posting on the official website a few days ago, lead champion producer Ryan “REAV3” Mireles revealed that the development team is currently working on an aquatic support champion with an “aggressive” play-style. The goal is to have “someone who doesn’t just save a drowning ally, but who forces their enemies to drown themselves… by their own hands” on the Rift.

In addition to the cryptic teaser, the developer also mentioned that the new support champion will feature a “darker, deeper thematic” than most of the current support champions in the game.

“Keep your health high, your eyes to the sea, and pray you aren’t on the list,” signed off the developer.

Since Riot Games has already begun talking about the next champion, it is a safe bet that more reveals are heading for the community in the weeks to come. The next round of updates for the Public Beta Environment (PBE) should contain more in this regard, which are slated to arrive soon.

This means that if everything goes according to schedule, the month of May should reveal everything there is to know about the mysterious entry. This includes the entire kit, abilities, potential synergies with other champions, and more.

The only other support champion in League of Legends with a similar watery theme is Nami, the Tidecaller. She can heal her allies, place enemy champions in aquatic prisons, and call upon a massive tidal wave to disrupt the front lines.

Besides the new champion, Riot Games is also bringing out the very first announcer packs for the game that will feature the voices of two popular casters: David “Phreak” Turley and Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler.

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