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30 million players have registered for Rainbow Six Siege

It seems Ubisoft’s strategy to prolong the life cycles for their video games is working as they happily announce that Rainbow Six Siege has achieved a playerbase of over 30 million registered users.

Their vision of a Rainbow Six Siege with 100 operators is coming closer and closer to the light as Ubisoft continues to support the game with updates after updates, all free!

Ubisoft has informed its investors of a new strategy (via MP1st) to focus on making games as services since 2016 because they simply last longer and make more money each year. This strategy includes focusing on multiplayer games and building them as platforms for huge, growing audiences. Rainbow Six Siege is definitely Ubisoft’s biggest success story and example of the fact.

It seems the investors are convinced thoroughly as Vivendi, a French conglomerate intent on acquiring Ubisoft, has failed its hostile takeover on Ubisoft and has sold back its stake in the company, for which Ubisoft paid for by capital obtained through a deal with Tencent, the Chinese company that owns Riot Games and Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite.

Unlike The Division, Ubisoft has no plans to make a sequel for Rainbow Six Siege at the moment, likely because The Division has not retained players as effectively as Rainbow Six Siege has. It seems that it is much easier to create a loyal long-term playerbase for competitive multiplayer games due to the depth and dynamic nature of the gameplay inherent in such games, especially since the high skill ceilings and levels of mastery take a lot of time and dedication to reach.

That’s not to say The Division or other multiplayer games from Ubisoft, like For Honor, are failing. In March, Ubisoft has stated that The Division had reached 20 million registered players and in February, For Honor was said to have 7.5 million registered players. Ubisoft is confident they’re on the right path so no one should be surprised to see more completely multiplayer oriented games from them in the future, in the form of new franchises or otherwise.

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