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15 Creators of PUBG hacks containing Trojan Horses have been arrested

Programmers of malicious cheat programs that contain Trojan Horses designed to steal information were arrested in China. Chinese authorities confirm that there were fifteen arrests made and a hefty fine of approximately 30 million RNB or $5.1 million USD were levied upon the creators of the PUBG hacks.

The Chinese authorities have issued the following statement, “15 major suspects including “OMG”, “FL”, “火狐”, “须弥” and “炎黄” were arrested for developing hack programs, hosting marketplaces for hack programs, and brokering transactions. Currently, the suspects have been fined approximately 30mil RNB ($5.1mil USD). Other suspects related to this case are still being investigated.”

PUBG Corp. were more than happy to announce the news to its audience to showcase the danger to those who would further the pandemic of cheating caused by creating as well as using PUBG hacks.

PUBG Corp. assisted Chinese authorities in catching the hackers and proved to the world that they are committed to dealing with the prevalent cheating problem in their game.

Interestingly enough, victims of the PUBG hacks included the cheaters themselves. According to the local authorities, “Some hack programs that are being distributed through the internet includes a Huigezi Trojan horse*(Chinese backdoor) virus. It was proven that hack developers used this virus to control users’ PC, scan their data, and extract information illegally.”

It is a clear case of karma for cheaters to instead have themselves cheated into giving away sensitive information to strangers. The Trojan Horses hidden within PUBG hacks are more than capable of stealing credit card information and other important information that no one wants to have compromised.

Hopefully the incident will act as a deterrent for most, but people don’t tend to learn from other people’s mistakes, only their own; nevertheless, only time will tell what is in store for PUBG and its cheating problem.

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