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Steam survey reveals growth for Intel, AMD actually dipped with Ryzen

The monthly survey from Steam has arrived for September, once again highlighting what hardware and software is being used by players on average.

Intel has for long been dominating the market when it comes to choosing a processor. The fact is unsurprising since it has never really been given stiff competition from rivals. This is majorly why the recent successful launch of Ryzen by AMD saw many hope that the balance would finally be shifted, even if slightly. However, that appears to not be the case on Steam.

Data released in the survey highlights that the red team actually saw a dip of 1.5 percent in terms of adoption for September. Intel, on the other hand, grew to 83.4 percent to cement itself as the leader in processors on the digital platform.

In the graphical department, Nvidia remains as the most popular choice for gamers with a massive 70 percent lead over AMD. The GeForce GTX 1060 is the most common graphics card being used on Steam, and the adoption rate actually grew by 1.1 percent last month.

The card in question is great for maxing out almost every game at 1080p resolution, which is also the most common gaming resolution being used by nearly 57 percent of players on Steam.

As far as memory is concerned, majority are using 8GB of RAM. It is usually the minimum requirement in most games these days, which is why it is recommended to go beyond that.

Elsewhere, the HTC Vive holds 50.1 percent of the market on Steam. It is a small lead over the Oculus Rift, which currently sits at almost 47 percent. This difference was previously larger but has shrunk in the wake of recent price drops.

You can go through the entire survey here.

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  1. Steamhwsurvey is broken for a long time now.
    Or do you really think the GTX 750 Ti is the fourth most sold GPU over the last 2 months?


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