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Something big and significant is coming for Hitman later this month

It was a couple of months back when IO Interactive assured that it has “some exciting announcements” in the pipelines for Hitman. This week, the developer further teased that it will be revealing brand new content for the game at the end of the month.

“Mark this date on your calendars: October 24th,” IO Interactive wrote on its official blog. “That’s the date when we will reveal brand new content for the game. We’re going to let the announcement itself do all the talking.”

Before everyone gets pumped and starts speculating over the upcoming content, take note that it has nothing to do with the second season. The developer clarified this in order to keep expectations in check.

Until the big announcement, players can look forward to ten new featured Contracts and the Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack on October 13. The latter will include five new challenges, the completion of which will unlock a new item for players to use in all locations. Following that will be the release of ten new player-curated Featured Contracts later in the month.

Square Enix surprised everyone earlier this year when it announced plans to palm off the Hitman franchise. Since a buyer was not found, IO Interactive retained the rights to the series as an independent developer. The studio parted ways with Square Enix in June and has continued to update Hitman since then. Though, this has not necessarily meant significant new content.

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