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SIE CEO Andrew House steps down after six years, will be replaced by John Kodera

Andrew House, having served Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) as president and global chief executive officer for six years, has decided to step down to make way for a new boss effective immediately.

“PlayStation has been a huge part of my life for more than 20 years but with the business having achieved record-breaking success, now seemed to be the right time for me to pursue new challenges,” House said in a statement.

John Kodera, the present deputy president of the company, will be stepping up to replace House and assume all of his former resonsibilities.

“I intend to build on the amazing progress Andy has made enhancing the PlayStation brand and expanding the game and network services business,” Kodera said in a statement, “and will strive to further strengthen the unique value proposition we are able to offer via the PlayStation platform.”

Sony has not revealed as to why it had to make such a sudden change in its leadership. According to The Wall Street Journal, House plans to spend more time with his family before starting a new career in the entertainment industry. Rumors are already piling up that he will be closely working with Hideo Kojima for his current and future projects.

House has been with Sony since 1990 and was there when the first PlayStation was launched. He took over as president and global chief executive officer in 2011 by replacing Kazuo Hirai, who currently leads everything Sony.

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