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Microsoft is ending support for Groove Music in favor of Spotify

It was two years ago when Microsoft decided to rebrand Xbox Music to Groove Music in order to expand its music streaming service for consumers. However, the new identity hardly helped the company to attain any good traction. Perhaps this was because there were several other more prominent third-party arrays available or that the service was simply forgotten.

Microsoft then entered into a partnership with Spotify for Xbox One in August, nearly two years after the service launched for PlayStation 4. Today, the company announced that it will finally be retiring Groove Music at the end of the year and expand its support for Spotify.

Effective immediately, Microsoft will cease the sale of Groove Music passes. Those who have active subscriptions will be refunded once the service ends on December 31. In addition, Microsoft is working with Spotify to make it easy for everyone to move their audio collections and playlists over to the music-streaming giant. This will be available to do until the end of January, following which all existing data will be likely erased.

It is important to note that while Microsoft is ending all core functionalities for Groove Music, the company will continue to invest in the application for Windows 10. Consumers will no longer be able to purchase or download music from the Windows Store next year, but will still be able to access local music files or those stored in the cloud.

Those interested in reading more details about the closure can head over to the official website.

There are still many other streaming music applications in the Windows Store. This includes Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer, TuneIn Radio, and SiriusXM for those who want something else other than Spotify.

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