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FIFA 18 recorded 1.6 million concurrent players during its first weekend

Following its release last week across all platforms, FIFA 18 registered a peak concurrent player-base of 1.6 million during its first weekend.

“That’s a lot of people playing FIFA 18,” Electronic Arts exclaimed on its official social media channels. The publisher did not share any further details. A breakdown between all the platforms would have been helpful in knowing where the new installment is being played the most. In addition, it is unknown how the figure compares with the first weekend of the last or any installments in the franchise.

FIFA 18 launched worldwide on September 29 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Switch, and PC. Impressively, the developer released the first title update soon after. It arrived for PC earlier this week with a number of changes and improvements to numerous elements. A few pesky bugs and technical issues were also addressed in the process.

Electronic Arts previously stated that the success of FIFA 18 on the Switch will determine if the publisher will release more games on the newly released hybrid console. The notion sparks from disappointment over the Wii U and is rightfully put. However, as it was meant to be, FIFA 18 has enjoyed a great reception on the Switch. This undoubtedly spells good news for the Nintendo community. Electronic Arts is probably already brainstorming over what new games to bring over to the Switch.

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