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Darkest Dungeon teased for the Nintendo Switch

Following rumors and speculations, Darkest Dungeon has finally been confirmed to be refining its Lovecraft-inspired lore to grace the hybrid console in the near future.

The rather subtle announcement was made earlier today in the form of camera-recorded gameplay footage. Near the end of the small clip, the camera pans back to reveal that everything was actually running on the Switch.

The turn-based role-playing elements featured in Darkest Dungeon makes the game a perfect fit for the hand-held mode. Players adventure in parties to loot abandonned ruins and clear as many monsters as possible. The gameplay is brutal and unforgivable. Death is permanent. Thankfully, there are always foolish volunteers to take up arms.

This makes Red Hook Studios yet another third-party developer to bring its game on the new platform from Nintendo. Chucklefish recently confirmed Stardew Valley and Koei Tecmo has already promised Attack on Titan 2. The list is favorable for the console, featuring several known and potentially to-be revealed projects.

Times have surely changed for Nintendo. It previously had to face the tough task of trying to convince third-party developers to release their games on the Wii U. Thanks to the success that the Switch has received this year, developers are coming to Nintendo themselves with their beloved ideas.

There is currently no release date for the Switch version but the game can be picked up for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC, and iOS devices. Red Hook Studios should reveal the necessary details in the coming weeks.

Darkest Dungeon has received several updates since it launched last year. It only received its first expansion pack, The Crimson Court, this May. It is assumed that the Switch version will come bundled with all previously released updates and content packs.

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