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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition could be announced this week

The half-baked launch of Street Fighter V earlier this year did tremendous damage by tarnishing the image of Capcom in the hearts of the fighting game community. It has taken months and several much-needed updates to improve the status of content and the online experience. However, there is still more expected from the developer.

The arcade mode is one feature that should have accompanied Street Fighter V when it was officially released. Despite several rumors regarding its existence somewhere in the lines of code, Capcom is yet to bring it out. This might be on the verge of changing.

Yesterday, retailer ShopTo (via NeoGAF) from the United Kingdom published a listing for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. It remained online for a brief time before being taken down. The product had a release date of January 16 with a price tag of £31.85 but featured the older box-art and description. Hence, we remain between taking it with a pinch of salt and the utmost confidence.

The timing of the listing is interesting because Capcom is attending Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2017) this week. It is very possible that the developer will take the stage to officially announce Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on the weekend. Should such an incident take place, the re-release of the fighting game will likely include all previously released downloadable content packs and updates in one neat package. Most importantly, it would feature the long-awaited Arcade mode and perhaps other goodies as well.

The preceeding Street Fighter IV received multiple updated versions as well. The original game launched in 2009 and became Super Street Fighter IV in 2010. Within the same year, Capcom took it a step further with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. It did not end just there and a new update called Ultra Street Fighter IV was announced in early 2014.

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