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Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has found a new virtual reality venture

It has been nearly six months since Palmer Luckey, co-founder of Oculus, left the company due to turmoil surrounding his negative image in the industry. He, though, has no plans to distance himself and is bent on sticking with the virtual reality business.

While making an appearance at the HTC Vive booth during Tokyo Games Show (TGS 2017) this week, Luckey confirmed that he has found a new venture and is already working on different projects. However, he refused to mention his new home by name and also refrained from sharing any details regarding whatever he is currently working on.

“I have a new company; I can’t talk about my projects too much yet, but I’m still working in the virtual reality industry on some very exciting things,” Luckey announced (via RoadtoVR).

He further added that he wants to be seen as “a VR person” and not simply as “an Oculus person” because his ideas and passion for the virtual reality field is much greater than any one company alone.

Luckey showing up for a panel at the HTC Vive event might indicate that he has crossed the border and is now working with the competition on its “premium-grade” virtual reality hardware.

Lucky sold Oculus to Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion. His beloved Oculus Rift was undoubtedly the first step in making everyone believe that good and affordable virtual reality experiences are here to stay. However, a series of blunders made his position hard at the company.

In addition to financially supporting a pro-Donald Trump political group for posting anti-Hillary Clinton memes on the internet, Luckey was blamed to have stolen the virtual reality technology from ZeniMax Media. Facebook ended up paying $500 million to the parent company of Bethesda Softworks in accordance with the lawsuit. Luckey resigned soon after.

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