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Nintendo Switch is selling faster in Japan than PS4, records 1.5 million sales

The Nintendo Switch has reportedly passed 1.5 million in sales in Japan since it was released earlier this year in March. It is a remarkable achievement and testament to why retailers are having a hard time trying to replenish their stocks at regular intervals.

Japan is also home to the company, which is why the Nintendo Switch was always expected to perform well. The PlayStation 4 is another console that has done fairly well in the same country, at least against its competition at the time of launch.

According to a report by Kotaku, pitting the Japanese sales of both consoles against each other for the first 26 weeks reveals that the Nintendo Switch is actually selling faster. By comparison, the PlayStation 4 reached 665,000 units sold for the same duration. It took Sony 69 weeks to reach the 1.5 million figure that Nintendo achieved in Japan in just 26.

Perhaps the strong reception can be linked with the fact that handheld devices have always reigned strong in Japan. Mobile gaming is why the 3DS continues to crunch serious numbers every single week. The hybrid nature of the Switch actually attracts both the on-the-move crowd as well as those who love to play in their living rooms.

The last officially reported sales for the Nintendo Switch was 4.7 million units and 13.6 million software sold through June 30. The company is expected to disclose new numbers in October as part of its next earnings report.

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