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Nintendo finally approves Stardew Valley for Switch

It took a bit of convincing and pressure from fans but Nintendo has finally agreed to have Stardew Valley release on the Switch in the near future.

The charming indie farming simulator, with role-playing elements, is heavily inspired by Harvest Moon from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) era. Hence, it goes without saying that Stardew Valley will certainly feel right at home on the hybrid console.

According to chief executive officer Finn Brice, the publisher is currently finishing up talks with “all parties involved.” If everything goes according to plan, Chucklefish might be on the verge of announcing a release date in the coming weeks.


It is assumed that Stardew Valley will be more than a simple port on the Switch. The developer is likely to take advantage of the unique elements found on the console and incorporate them into the game through new features. Perhaps there is also the chance that the developer will take the opportunity to release exclusive or limited-time content to pay homage to Harvest Moon.

Stardew Valley first launched on Steam in February 2016. It later released for Mac and Linux in July, hitting shelves for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in December to conclude an impressive year. The game can now add another platform to its coverage. Hopefully, we will not have to wait long for.

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