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Nier: Automata marks new sales milestone, celebrates by going on sale

Nier: Automata has officially sold more than 2 million units worldwide since it was released earlier this year, Square Enix announced today.

The figure covers both digital copies sold online and physical copies shipped to retailers across all available platforms. It should be noted that the action role-playing registered 1.5 million in sales at the end of May. This means that more than 500,000 units were shifted in the last three months.

To celebrate the new sales milestone, Square Enix has announced a sale on the game. Nier: Automata is currently available on both Steam and the PlayStation Store for 35 percent off.

In addition, the Nier: Automata / NIER: Gestalt & Replicant original soundtrack vinyl box set will be available to pre-order in Europe and PAL territories later this month, exclusively from the Square Enix Online Store. The box set will be available in December and feature four vinyl LPs with a variety of tracks selected by series composer Keiichi Okabe, as well as exclusive illustrations from Tokyo Ghoul illustrator sui ishida.

Elsewhere, the publisher is looking to hire for something new related to the game. The official recruitment page (translated by Gematsu) states that the candidates must be able to design instructions for non playable characters (NPC), write plots for sub-quests, and create text for item descriptions to appear in-game.

Nier: Automata was released in February for PlayStation 4 before arriving on Steam a month later. The single-player experience was hailed by critics for its story-telling and favorable combat mechanics.

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