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Microsoft promotes Xbox boss Phil Spencer to Senior Leadership Team

It has come to light that Phil Spencer has been promoted by Microsoft to become the new executive vice president of gaming. The move sees the front-man of everything Xbox join the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and have a seat at the table as one of the top internal advisers in the company.

The official website confirms that Spencer is the sixteenth employee of Microsoft to be given the honor. The previous inclusions feature the likes of chief executive officer Satya Nadella, chief financial officer Terry Myerson, chief technology officer Kevin Scott, and chief legal officer Brad Smith.

The promotion of Spencer holds great value for the gaming industry. It was only a few years ago when investors were speculating whether Microsoft should sell off its gaming business in order to focus more on mobile and enterprise software. It is now clear that Microsoft has no intention to spin off its gaming division. The Xbox brand is definitely here to stay.

Spencer has been with Microsoft for more than two decades. He was promoted to lead the Xbox division in August 2015. His job designation requires him to oversee Microsoft’s gaming business across all devices and services. This includes Xbox and Xbox Live, as well as the creative teams at Xbox Music, Xbox Video, and Microsoft Studios.

We are currently counting down to the official worldwide launch of Xbox One X, an upgrade variant to the Xbox One S that is hailed by Microsoft as the “most powerful console ever made.”

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