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LawBreakers has a lot in store this year, road-map reveals new maps and classes

LawBreakers may not have enjoyed the best of launches but it is not going to give up without a fight.

Posting on the official website earlier today, Boss Key Productions revealed a content road-map for the gravity-based shooter that will be followed for the remainder of the year.

An improved “player onboarding experience” will arrive later this month to make sure that players can understand the complexities of the game in a more easier and feasible fashion. The development team has realized that LawBreakers can prove taxing for those wanting immediate enjoyment. The new tutorial-based system will prove useful for both new and old players.

Also arriving later this month is the inaugural post-launch multiplayer map called Namsan, set outside in a post-shattering United States. It will be released for free, which includes all related modes and classes.

Skirmishes are in the pipelines for a slated release in the near future. The first of these temporary modes will be in the form of Team Deathmatch. In addition, LawBreakers will receive a competitive ranked mode called Boss Leagues. It will allow players to test their skill levels against others on the ladder.

By the end of the year, the developer plans on introducing a new class that is yet to be revealed. It will be accompanied by another new map called Valhalla, set in the Sequoia National Forest and boasting asymmetric action with unique environmental hazards and spawn locations.

Boss Key Productions considers feedback from its players crucial to ongoing development. The developer is confident that the upcoming stream of content and features will result in a healthy community.

LawBreakers is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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