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Intel’s Ice Lake Series Will Reportedly Include 8-core Mainstream CPU

Much has changed since the release of AMD’s Ryzen processors. For one, consumers have more variety of processors at different price points to choose from, but more importantly competition is finally back in the CPU market. For years Intel has been the undisputed champion with a significant marketshare over AMD, but the arrival of Ryzen has caused a major change in Intel’s strategy.

Because of tough competition from Ryzen, Intel has decided to finally give its mainstream processors a nice core count upgrade with the launch of Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake architecture lineup. If a new leak from notebook manufacturer Eurocom is to be believed, Intel is planning another core count upgrade for 2018 with its Ice Lake architecture. According to a post by Eurocom on a forum board, the Tornado F5 notebook will be upgraded to Z390 chipset next year to support 8C/16T CPUs from Intel during Q2’2018.

Going by the new information, Intel would not only have upgrade its mainstream CPU lineup with more cores since the launch of Core i series but done so twice in two years. Ice Lake will also mark desktop market’s long overdue transition from 14nm to 10nm with the refined 10nm+ process.

AMD is also slated to introduce the successor to Ryzen series based on Zen+ architecture during 2018.

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