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Destiny 2 won’t receive in-game Clan features for “several days”

The highly anticipated Destiny 2 finally launched today in some parts of the world and is quickly rolling out in waves for others. As players jump into the sequel for the first time, they might notice the absence of in-game Clan features. According to the developer, this is intentional and will be addressed after a few days of launch.

“In-game Destiny 2 Clan Features will be unavailable for the first several days after launch. Stay tuned for announcements of availability,” Bungie said.

Unfortunately, the developer did not mention any estimate to when players can expect the said features to arrive for Destiny 2. It is perhaps waiting for the initial hammering on the servers to subside–due to millions of players trying to login at the same time–before bringing in more features.

Until then, those interested can always access the Clan features through the official website of the developer. It allows the creation of a clan, invite members, set an emblem for representation, and more.

The Clan features in Destiny 2 include being able to show a unique banner, earn rewards for being part of a clan, and invite other players to join Nightfalls and Raids with your clan mates as part of the Guided Games feature, which is slated for a soft beta launch next week. Raid support should arrive by the end of the month.

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will arrive next month.

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